Schools & Colleges

Teaching Music and Private Classes

I’ve been teaching for 25 years at all types of schools, colleges and privately.
These include:

  • Chelsea College
  • London College of Music
  • Michael Hall Rudolph Steiner School
  • The Brit School
  • Secondary schools in West Sussex and Hertfordshire.

Private Classes

I teach saxophone, clarinet and flute from as young as 8 (depending on their size) to pupils in their 60’s. If you want to learn to play the saxophone then don’t let anything put you off. Try a one off lesson or if you have a friend that would like to learn to play the saxophone then why not share a lesson! If you want something more regular, (this works well for children) then after your first lesson we can arrange a regular time.

Perhaps pay as you go works better for you. You can just call and book a lesson for the following week, and return if and when you want to. Whether you want to learn to play the Soprano, Tenor, Alto or Baritone saxophone I’m happy to teach and demonstrate all of them.

Learning to play the saxophone can be so much fun especially if you want to join a local wind group or saxophone quartet or any ensemble that includes a saxophone. Maybe you are a bit rusty and need a few top up lessons to get back into the swing of it, or you are having trouble with a particular difficult piece of music and just need a lesson to get some useful practice techniques.

Perhaps you want to play the saxophone so you can take the exams offered by ABRSM or Trinity College. I can cover all these requirements whether it be from the regular syllabus or jazz syllabus. I have been teaching these exams for 25 years and have a 100% pass rate.

My Teaching Practice

I value the benefits of learning an instrument and I feel very passionately about passing on the knowledge I have.

I’m interested in how it improves cognitive skills, increases the capacity of your memory. Helps with organizational skills, relieves stress and gives an opportunity to express oneself.

To me it’s about communication and getting the building blocks across then guiding the pupil in the direction they want and inspiring them in maybe areas of music that they may not of thought of or don’t know how to go about it.

I find it interesting how people learn differently and I am always researching for new ideas on how to get the information across.

So if you want to learn to play the saxophone contact me by email and I will be happy to discuss your requirements. I teach children out of school hours and for those free during the day I teach on Mondays and Fridays at home.

My Online School

Are you a complete beginner? Why not try my “learn to play saxophone online”.

Click here to see the free demo and try my online package. For the price of a
one-hour lesson you are getting the equivalent of approximately 5 lessons.

Ten reasons to learn to play saxophone online

  1. Immediate access to the package
  2. No waiting for CD’S in the post or waiting for 24 hour downloads.
  3. Continual access to your online saxophone lessons until you are ready to move on.
  4. Clear bitesize information.
  5. Close ups where necessary
  6. A chance to see if you really want to play the saxophone without having to find a teacher.
  7. If you can’t find a teacher straight away or you are on a waiting list, you can get started and go prepared.
  8. A clear introduction to notation.
  9. Learn a couple of well-known tunes to play to your.
  10. No monthly sign ups.

Click here to go to my online classes page
I teach children out of school hours and for those free during the day I teach on Mondays and Fridays at home.