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Terms and Conditions

This type of licence for the full learning package is designed for use by a learner of saxophone. Login details that you receive are for the use of you or the person you have specified, for an unlimited time. Within reason you may learn in the company of friends or family, but you are not permitted to transfer your login details to anybody else. We will monitor usage of the package and if the same logins are being used at mutliple locations we may terminate your access to the package.

You are not permitted to use this type of licence as an aid to teaching the saxophone or in group sessions. We do have special arrangements and prices for shcool / group use. Contact us to discuss.

Usage of the package is via online delivery and will not work without internet access. Because of the large amount of video content it will require a broadband connection. It will operate on desktop and laptop computers, windows and mac. It will operate on iPAD / iPAD mini and Android tablets. It may operate on a smartphone, but this is not guaranteed.

The package will not download for offline use. You are not permitted to record any part of it.

Paid access to the package is not refundable except in cases of unresolvable technical failure of the package to operate. In this case we will refund your payment, providing that you have notified us of these problems within two days of purchase, plus one week of efforts to resolve technical problems.