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You don't need a teacher for your first set of lessons!

The package covers the same content as around eight 30-minute face-to-face lessons. You can get started really well with this package, and spend your money on lessons when you've got the basics!

You will learn:

  • How to put the instrument together properly and how to make your first sounds.
  • Some of the basic elements of musical notation – and will be able to follow Jane playing a simple scale.
  • How to play some some simple tunes

It's easy to pick up with more advanced lessons after going through the package.

Immediate access - all online - no need for CDs or DVDs

Many teaching packages are DVD-based. You have to wait for them to be delivered, and mess around with disks. Remember, many people with satellite or cable TV boxes are getting out of using DVDs plus some modern laptops have no DVD drive on board!

The package is online - but it's almost all video-based. It's fully menu driven. Easy to navigate. You can stop and start as you wish and jump back and forward to find the parts you really want

Focused on the beginner and entirely suitable

There are a few teaching systems on the market that are OK but they often have too much flashy stuff, inappropriate scales - designed to dazzle and impress but not so good for real learning.

This package contains short video-based lessons interspersed with practice sessions, and in some cases you can play along slowly with Jane. The scale you learn is entirely appropriate for the beginner and the tunes are in an easy key, simple to learn but fun to practice with.

Tech Specs, Payment & more info

You will use the package via the web based and it will run in all common browsers such as Firefox, Internet explorer, Chrome, and Safari. It will run on computer (PC or Mac), iPAD (inc. iPAD mini) and Android tablet. It does operate on smartphones but it is not guaranteed to work acceptably on these. In particular it is not optimised for very small screens and may be difficult to see and control (but you are welcome to try). If you do sign up, technical help is at hand to make sure that you can load and run the package properly, and responses to any queries you have will come within 24 hours of any request.

You will be able to pay securely using your credit card or via a PayPal account. You will receive access details by email and you will get unlimited access to the package.

The package would also be useful for music departments of schools and other groups. We are happy to discuss group licenses for the package, with discounts depending on the number of logins required. If you are an authorised representative of any such institution, we can arrange free access for a limited period to a full length demo copy of the package, for you to evaluate.

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